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What is functional medicine (FM)?

Functional medicine is an integrative, whole-person, science-based method of approaching disease and dynsfunction. FM practitioners understand that true healing is only possible if the underlying cause of a condition is pinpointed and treated. FM is based on the principle that each individual has a unique set of needs, and tailors lab testing and treatment plans to meet those needs. It is holistic in the sense that it seeks to restore and maintain optimal wellness via psychological, physiological and structural health.

Human health can suffer from many imbalances that can be at the root of disease. Perhaps these imbalances are due to genetic or environmental factors, lifestyle and dietary habits, nutritional deficiencies, past physical or emotional trauma. Whatever the imbalance, resulting problems often include:

  • Digestive problems
  • Infections
  • Dysbiosis (imbalance of good and bad gut bacteria)
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Weakened immune function
  • Increased inflammation
  • Hormonal problems/imbalances
  • Insomnia, stress and anxiety
  • Mood disorders and depression
  • Detoxification problems
  • Low energy/fatigue even after a good nights sleep
  • Blood sugar imbalances

The goal of functional medicine is to find the root cause of any condition or symptom through appropriate lab testing and evaluation, and to create effective, individualized and evidence-based approaches to healing. In direct opposition to many forms of modern medicine, FM is not a symptoms-based approach. Instead, it focuses on treating the symptoms through treating the whole person, because this is what is necessary for lasting change.

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