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Welcome to ChoicesWeightManagement.com! We are a non-surgical medical weight management center located in Raleigh, NC that goes beyond conventional weight-loss methods.

Josephine R. Brown, MD received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology as Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. She attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark, NF, where she received her medical degree. Dr. Brown went on to complete her post-doctorate residency at Howard University in Washington, DC. Most recently, Dr. Brown has accumulated more than 200 hours of training in Functional Medicine and her training is ongoing.

Dr. Brown has 20 years of experience practicing Family Medicine for 20 years. 10 of these years have been in private practice in Raleigh, NC. She is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Brown is the President, CEO, and Medical Director of Choices Weight Management, Inc.

The Choices Weight Management philosophy is that obesity is a disease that is complex and individual to each person based on their medical history, and her approach in treatment is such. Choices Weight Management emphasizes correction of metabolism, dehydration, and potential hormonal imbalances, along with reversing low-protein status, low-glycemic eating, ridding the body of excess salt and water, correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and reducing overall caloric intake.

“My interest in weight management began through a personal struggle with my own weight. Having always maintained a healthy weight through diet and exercise until my early 40’s, at which time my own weight gain started to increase rapidly. Despite calorie restriction and exercise, I could not control my weight. I was truly stumped and I knew the issue was bigger than diet and exercise.”

“I started to research the problem, which led me to the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) a national medical society of licensed physicians whose mission is to train doctors on the treatment of obese and overweight patients while managing their medical problems. In 2002 I joined the society. I began following their principles of metabolism and nutrition and began losing weight. The information was presented in a scientific manner and was clinically sound. I began applying these principles in my practice with overwhelming success in our patients.”

As word spread about her weight-loss program it began growing rapidly, so much that she closed her medical practice and opened Choices Weight Management, Inc. in October of 2006.